UK Gambling Round-Up: More Women Anteing Up, Leeds is Lucky and Footballer in Betting Foul

Jack Colback under investigation for betting incident.

Newcastle United’s Jack Colback could be in hot water after allegedly betting on a recent Champions League game. (Image: Action Images/ Ed Sykes)

The UK gambling industry is worth around £7.1 billion annually and a large portion of that revenue is now coming from female gamblers.

Thanks to the advent of mobile gaming through sites such as Facebook, more woman are now finding their way to online betting sites according to an article posted on

Women Turned on by Gambling

Profiling the case of 27-year-old Hope, the article cites data from the UK Gambling Commission which suggests that more young women in the “AB economic category” (those with high ratings in terms of education, income and social status) are now gambling online.

Spurred on by ad campaigns which suggest gambling is a social activity, women are now branching off into traditional “male dominated” activities such as slots and blackjack.

Naturally, given the often divisive nature of gambling, the article also states that 25 percent of gambling addicts are now women, which means there are potentially 125,000 females in the UK gambling more than they can afford.

In other UK gambling news this week, Leeds is the luckiest city in the UK according to mFortune. The online gambling operator surveyed 1.5 million players and found that players in Leeds win more on average than players in other cities.

According to the stats, the average amount won per month by Leeds residents was £1.5 million and the number of wins-per-player was an impressive 304. Second in the league table was Birmingham with an average monthly win of £1.6 million and 286 average wins-per-player.

Bottom of the lucky list of 20 is Bury St Edmunds with £600,000 in average winnings and 262 prizes-per-player on a monthly basis.

To add an element of interaction to its survey, mFortune has allowed players to enter their own postcodes in order to see how “lucky” their town or city is. From this writer’s perspective, living in Cambridge means that I’m set to be 70 percent luckier than the average Briton on a Wednesday. 

Newcastle Player’s Betting Foul

To conclude our round-up of UK betting news this week, Newcastle United midfielder Jack Colback is under investigation by the FA following allegations that he breached the Premier League’s betting rules.

The young player allegedly placed a bet on the recent match between Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich which is against the FA’s code of conduct.

Despite having no connection to either team, the FA has placed a zero tolerance approach to players, managers and backroom staff betting on any football match in a bid to prevent issues of match fixing.

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