UK Betting News: Biased Reports, Twitter Rows and some Trumptastic Betting

Latest online gambling news - Trump betting action.

Donald Trump causes a betting storm in the UK as another company sparks outrage on Twitter. (Image:

It’s been another busy week in the UK betting world, with a number of stories making the headlines including the gambling charity accused of bias towards British bookmakers.

One of the most intriguing stories to hit the headlines in the last week was the news that the Chair of Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT), Neil Goulden, had been at the head of an effort to reform the image of the British gambling industry.

Working alongside the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) in 2013, Goulden helped pen a paper that urged gambling operators to be vigilant of a “vociferous anti-gambling lobby” and called for research to help “position gambling as an economically valuable and socially responsible leisure pursuit.”

Dubious Relationship Claim Critics

However, just a few months before Goulden’s paper was published, the RGT had initiated a study into the negative effects of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs).

The virtual gambling machines common in betting shops across the UK have long been a political hot potato, but commentators are now suggesting that Goulden’s paper calls into the question the validity of the RGT’s study.

Indeed, opponents of the betting industry have suggested that Goulden’s paper effectively tipped off the UK’s major gambling operators and allowed them to announce a series of measures to help curb the effects problem gambling and FOBTs.

Goulden refutes the claims, but critics still believe the RGT’s credibility is questionable given that it’s funded in part by donations from British betting operators.

Although the latest revelation is unlikely to prompt an investigation into the RGT, it’s another incident anti-gambling lobbyists could latch onto in an effort to discredit the industry.

In Other News…

Away from conflicts of interest between betting companies and organisations designed to oversee the UK betting industry, one online casino operator found itself in hot water this week after an inappropriate tweet.

Despite being a minor presence in the iGaming industry, Fruity King caused a major upset when it directed a tweet at multi-millionaire footballer, Yaya Toure.

Commenting on a picture of the player and his wife of 12 years, Fruity King pointed out that Toure earns £220,000 and should be more willing to abuse this privilege.

“Sure she’s bubbly but someone needs to remind Yaya Toure he’s on £220,000-a-week. Start abusing this privilege,” tweeted Fruit King.

Many followers interpreted this as an attack on Toure’s wife and made it clear this was below the belt.

In a wave of furious responses, the author of the tweet was called a series of names, including an “utter c***”, before being forced to issue a retraction and an apology.

Donald Trump’s Betting Storm

The other titbit of news to hit the headlines this week was the revelation the British bettors and going crazy for Donald Trump.

According to the director of online sportsbook Matchbook, Trump’s odds in the US presidential race have fluctuated wildly over the last few weeks and it’s caused a swell of interest in the election as a whole.

“The amount of interest in the election is off the charts and it has taken everyone by surprise. Trump has had a lot to do with that. The things he says create a lot of attention and a lot of feeling and that equates to more bets,” said Ian Noctor of Matchbook.

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