Dealer Steals £12,000 from London’s Genting Casino Cromwell Mint Using Tube in Trousers

Genting Casino Cromwell Mint dealer stole poker chips.

A poker dealer from London’s Genting Casino Cromwell Mint has been caught stealing chips using a secret tube in his trousers. (Image:

A poker dealer in the UK at London’s Genting Casino Cromwell Mint has been sacked after security staff found him with stolen chips stuffed in his socks.

The man, who hasn’t been named, is from Romania and earned £30,000 per year as a dealer at one of the oldest casinos in London.

However, despite his stable salary (that was often topped up by tips), the dealer concocted an elaborate system for stealing chips from live poker games.

Security Surprise the Chip Thief

After security staff at the Genting Casino Cromwell Mint became suspicious of the dealer, they arrange to apprehend him during one of his regular breaks.

Approaching him unannounced, the security guards asked the dealer to empty his pockets at which point a handful of chips fell onto the floor. Further investigations revealed another stash of chips in the dealer’s sock.

Following the bust, the police were called and the dealer was sacked on the spot. At this point the extent of the operation came to light after a search of the man’s flat turned up £12,000 in cash.

Delving further into the case, employees at the Genting Casino Cromwell Mint discovered that the dealer used sleight of hand to drop the chips into his pocket while the players at the table checked their hole cards. 

After passing the chips into his pocket, they were then filtered down a tube inside his trouser leg and into his sock. Sitting on the chips until the coast was clear, the man would then meet up with a female employee before handing her the chips while they both took a cigarette break.

The final piece of the puzzle involved a casino patron visiting the venue at a later date, taking the chips to the cashiers’ desk and exchanging them for cash.

Fate of the Dealer Unclear

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the dealer was cautioned but it’s not yet clear whether the case will go any further.

Additionally, a request for further information from the casino was declined and police have been unable to confirm whether or not further criminal charges will be brought against the man.

After news of the latest swindle hit the headlines, a number of former casino employees commented on the story via the Daily Mail’s website. Many commented on the rarity of such crimes, but one canny reader decided to offer a solution the problem by suggesting a new dress code for all Genting Casino Cromwell Mint.

“Make them wear shorts,” wrote Peter from Eastleigh.

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