Unibet To Work with RGT On UK Online Gambling Study

 Responsible Gambling Trust to study UK online gambling.

Unibet to work with Responsible Gambling Trust on new study into the UK’s online gambling habits. (Image: BBC.co.uk)

The ongoing assessment of online gambling in the UK by the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) will see a new study look at the behavioural patterns of Unibet players.

Following a call by the UK’s Minister for Sport, Tourism and Heritage, Tracey Crouch, that the UK gambling industry needs to do more to prevent “gambling-related harm,” the RGT will be carrying out the third phase of its £750,000 research project.

Latest Phase in Major Project

Set to take 18-months, the study will provide the RGT with a complete overview of the remote gambling industry in the UK and, potentially, highlight any areas where operators could improve with regards to player protection.

According to Crouch, there is currently a positive relationship between the government and UK gambling sites; however, the iGaming industry can’t simply address the issue of problem gambling by charitable donations alone.

“There is much that we can feel good about: a united endeavour between industry, regulator and government who work together to provide a safe and fun leisure industry. However, goodwill alone however will not get us anywhere fast,” said Crouch.

At present the RGT receives a donation from the gaming industry amounting to 0.1percent of its gross gambling yield.

However, for politicians such as Crouch, this isn’t enough and that’s necessitated the latest study by the RGT.

Utilizing the services of Sophro, RGT will use the study to look at the behavioural tendencies of online gamblers rather than focus on “big data” that previous studies have relied on.

Dr Jonathan Parke from Sophro, along with Dr. Adrian Parke and Dr. Heather Wardle will use a combination of behavioural data and interviews to assess the actions of the average online players.

Helping to provide some of the necessary data will be Unibet.

After agreeing terms with the RGT, Unibet will open up the player databases from its poker, bingo, sports betting and casino sites and allow the researchers to analyze the tendencies of its players.

Player Habits are Changing

While the RGT’s latest project will focus on the online gambling industry, it also recently announced that a 10 percent increase in activity on B1 gambling machines has led to a decline in table game revenue in live casinos across the UK.

B1 gambling machines, otherwise known as slots, are now able to offer increased stakes and prizes.

However, after increasing the stakes from £2 to £5 and raising jackpots to £10,000, research has shown that gambling activity on table games has decreased.

The RGT is hoping it can now use this development to its advantage and gain a better understanding of player habits.

It will then add this data to its latest study in a bid to gain a complete overview of gambling habits among players in the UK.

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