Brit Soldier Scoops £13 Million Slot Jackpot

Jon Heywood £13 million slot win.

British soldier Jon Heywood rolls in a £13 million slot jackpot after spending just 25 pence.

An army veteran with time spent touring the frontline in Afghanistan has become a multi-millionaire after spending just 25 pence on an online slot game.

Jon Heywood, a UK citizen who is 26 and from Crew in Cheshire, often plays slots online in his spare time, but late last week his life changed after one of the industry’s most popular titles released its progressive jackpot.

Mega Moolah is a game that often harbours bounties worth in excess of £1 million, but owing to a drought of big money winners in recent months, the top prize had swelled to more than £13 million by the time Heywood anted up last week.

Small Stakes, Mega Jackpot

Despite risking just 25 pence per spin, Heywood was able to roll in the jackpot combination and complete the subsequent steps necessary to unlock the full jackpot.

At the time the prize was converted from Euros to Great British Pounds, the total win was a staggering £13,213,838.68.

That haul was not only enough to change Heywood’s life forever, but it also made him the biggest online slots winner in history.

The previous record had been held by an unknown player in Finland; however, after calculating the jackpot based on a currency conversion rate of 1.3531, Heywood’s win was just under £1 million more.

Funds to Support Ill Father

Naturally stunned by the turn of events, Heywood explained that he’s going to use a lot of the money to help his father who is currently awaiting a heart and lung transplant.

“The first thing I will spend it on is the best possible medical treatment for my dad,” Heywood explained.

However, it’s not all about helping others as Heywood also admitted that he can now buy the car of his dreams with the winnings.

“I’m trying not to get carried away and I really don’t know what else I’m going to buy with the money, apart from a yellow Bentley Continental GT,” he added.

Although Jon Heywood now stands as the leading online slots winner of all time, there have been a number of equally impressive online slot jackpots claimed over the last few years:

The Fisherman Lands a Huge Jackpot

Unnamed but listed as a trawler man, one Scottish player’s 20 pence stake changed their life forever after they scooped £5.4 million playing Hall of Gods on BetVictor.

A Mega Fortune in Norway

In 2011 Betsson’s Mega Fortune paid out a then jackpot worth £10.2 million. Although the player’s name wasn’t made public, it was later revealed that he was aged just 20-years-old and from Norway.

The King of All Slot Wins

As mentioned, the previous online slots jackpot was claimed by a 40-year-old from Helsinki, Finland. Playing NetEnt’s Mega Fortune, the unnamed player scooped £12.7 million after playing the 25-reel game on PAF.

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