Political Pressure Could Ban Betting Ads During Sporting Events

A whistle-to-whistle ban on betting adverts could be on the cards but the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has stressed that it’s far from a done deal.

According to a report by the BBC, a new RGA proposal will see its members agree to not show adverts during live sporting events.

As per the December 6 article, the ban would exclude horse racing broadcasts but include all other sports. Additionally, the ban will prevent betting ads being shown during events that start before but end after the 9pm watershed.

Political Pressure Challenges Operators

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GVC Holdings boss Kenneth Alexander has been caught in another pay row after the Investment Association (IA) warned 32 FTSE companies about potential shareholder revolts.

The trade body representing UK investment managers named Alexander as part of a 15-strong list of company chairman receiving so-called fat-cat pay cheques. At the heart of the recent warning from the IA is the GVC boss’s £18.4 million salary.

Pay Cut Doesn’t Cut It

Despite being £1.4 million less than he took home in 2016, the IA has said that Alexander and others on its list are ignoring the concerns of shareholders.

“While many

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UKGC Improves PFL Licencing Procedure to Help Raise Industry Standards

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is making it easier for industry professionals to apply for a personal functional licence (PFL) and, in the process, it’s aiming to make the industry safer.

Announced on December 3, the new system will see the online application process fall in line with the design used on the Gov.uk website. In reconfiguring the interface to match government application forms, the UKGC hopes to streamline the procedure and give applicates more support throughout.

Supporting this new application service will be an improved processing tool to be used by the Commission’s licensing staff that includes the introduction

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Billy Joe Saunders Wagers £70,000 on Tyson Fury Win

British boxer Billy Joe Saunders is set to bank more than £96,000 if his friend Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder and becomes WBC heavyweight champion.

Ahead of the December 1 showdown in LA, Saunders posted an Instagram clip of his high stakes wager. Tagged with the title “Let’s Go Champ,” the short video (see below) shows the former WBO middleweight champion betting £70,000 on Fury at odds of 11/8.

Fury Ready to Rock but Not Bet

Should his friend and fellow traveller emerge victorious inside the Staples Centre, Saunders will collect £166,250 for a profit of £96,250. After placing the … Read more

Tyson Fury Refuses to Endorse Betting Brands Ahead of Wilder Fight

Tyson Fury has spurned the advances of all betting brands as he prepares for his WBC heavyweight title fight against Deontay Wilder.

Ahead of the December 1 showdown against the American champion, Fury told IFL TV that he didn’t want to endorse something that could harm people. Having suffered from mental health issues himself, the British boxer told presenter Kugan Cassius that he wants to use his position to promote positive thinking.

Fury Wants People to be Happy

Although he declined to address the topic or company directly, a previous interview with Fury’s trainer Ben Davison revealed that a close … Read more

UK Gaming and Betting Brands Spend £1.1 Billion on Online Advertising

UK gaming and betting companies now spend the majority of their marketing budgets in the online world according to a recent report by Regulus Partners.

Outlined in the Gambling Advertising and Marketing Spend in Great Britain 2014-17 report, operators spent £747 million on online adverts in 2017. As well as being almost 50 percent more than 2014’s £400 million total, the latest figure is £513 million more than the industry’s TV advertising expenditure.

Billion Pound Budgets

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Bet365 Boss Denise Coates Nets £265 Million Payday

Bet365 CEO Denise Coates has reaffirmed her position as the top gaming CEO in the UK by receiving a £48 million annual pay rise.

After making the headlines in 2017 thanks to her £217 million payout, the Bet365 founder has seen her salary top £265 million this year. Outlining its 2017/2018 accounts, Bet365 noted Coates’ salary increased from £199 million to £220 million, while dividend payments of £25 million added to her latest pay packet.

Revenue Boost for Bet365

As well as reporting on Coates’ earnings, the financial summary offered an insight into Bet365’s annual performance.

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High Court Rejects Lottoland Appeal in Long-Running EuroMillions Conflict

Lottery betting site Lottoland has failed in its bid to overturn an amendment to the Gambling Act that prevents it from accepting EuroMillions bets.

After lodging an appeal with the High Court in February, Lottoland and Multi Lotto recently argued that banning bets on EuroMillions draws was beyond the remit of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

At the heart of the case are changes made to the Gambling Act 2005 that make it illegal for third-party operators to offer markets on certain offshore lotteries.

UK Forces Block European Activity

Amending the law, the UKGC made it illegal for lottery betting … Read more

New National Lottery Rules Make it Easier to Win £1 Million

The National Lottery has implemented a new set of rules, making it easier for players to win prizes topping £1 million.

Going live on November 19, the revised payout structure is designed to increase payouts for fewer matches and, in turn, counteract the recent slump in ticket sales.

Under the new system, players will have to match five numbers and the bonus ball, instead of six numbers, to win a guaranteed £1 million.

Fewer Matches Means Bigger Prizes

In addition to upping the prize for five numbers plus the bonus ball, the National Lottery will offer the improved payouts for … Read more

GVC Holdings Wins as Theresa May Brings Forward FOBT Deadline

The deadline reducing the maximum bet on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) will now take place earlier than expected, something that will benefit GVC Holdings but hurt other operators.

Following pressure from Conservative party members, backbenchers and opposing MPs, Prime Minster Theresa May has been forced to backtrack on the recent FOBT decision. As part of the 2019 budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond said the maximum FOBT stakes would be cut from £100 to £2 in October.

May Performs U-Turn

However, following backlash from MPs across Westminster, May has confirmed that the changes will now take place in April 2019 as … Read more