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Not all casino games are cut from the same cloth. If you've ever visited a casino, you've probably noticed that video poker and slots fly under the radar until someone hits a jackpot and the bells start ringing. Some table games on the other hand are magnetic, attracting throngs of participants and spectators. If you demand vibrancy and energy at a casino, there's really only one game in town and it's called craps. Did you know craps isn't only simple to play but it's available at UK online casinos? In 2017, craps offers exhilaration and suspense with every roll of the dice. Betway Casino makes sure to keep the excitement of the dice game for online players and it is definitely the best site currently on the market given its software and services.

Both live and online casino craps strategy can seem terrifyingly complex to first time British players and passers by. Yet playing casino online craps for real money is quite simple. Much of the game revolving around a single bet. Read to discover how easy it is to starting playing online casino craps free, and for real money, in the United Kingdom.

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Online Casinos: Craps Available Worldwide


Craps isn't just popular in the United Kingdom and at UK online casinos. Craps is played all around the world and easily one of the most popular casino table games in 2017. At live venues, you can't discount the highly social nature of craps.  You'll always find groups congregating in celebration and anticipation, even if they have no stake in the game.  It's hard to turn down that kind of excitement.

It's quite surprising that more people don't play the game at live venues compared with craps online in the United Kingdom. While it's easy to get intimidated by people hollering at every roll of the dice, most casinos are happy to explain the game's great benefits to players.  Besides when playing at UK casinos online, craps players don't have to worry about being judged or feeling self-conscious.  Unless you invite your mates to play alongside you won't have to deal with hypercritical strangers.

History Of The Game

The history of craps, like the English language itself, is a result of French influence on a UK invention. While the exact history of craps is hard to pin down, the modern form is very similar to the English game of hazard. In both, two dice are used and a point is established, with bets revolving around the point (or 'main' in hazard) being rolled before some other result. Craps is often considered to be a simplification of hazard, as the rule of hazard that allowed the caster to choose a main always meant 7 was chosen, as it had the best odds for the caster. Craps is also more suited to play in a casino, as it offers many standardized betting options. You can hazard to guess about the origins all you like, but make sure you get an online casino craps bonus to enjoy top action with the game in the United Kingdom.

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How to play Online Casino Craps

At online casinos in the UK, craps online is one of the better real cash games in terms of entertainment and value for money – the house edge is usually quite low, and many of the bets take several rolls to be resolved, so the same money can stay on the table for a long time. Regardless of where you play, it is a good idea to understand which bets you can make in craps online, how they are resolved, and which are the definite sucker bets.

While there are many rituals that surround playing live UK and casino online craps for real money, the basic mechanics of the game do not require them. Online casino craps is played over multiple rolls for most of the different bets. First, all players place their bets. Then, one player, or 'shooter', makes a bet on the pass line. This player gets to throw the dice, making sure to shoot them so they hit the far end of the table before coming to a stop. This is the come out roll. Depending on the casino online craps result, the shooter and pass line bets will have won, or crapped out. If the shooter craps out, then the pass line bets lose and the don't pass bets win.

Whether playing live on at casinos online, craps is played over multiple rolls for most of the different bets.

If the online casino craps shooter did not roll a winning or losing result, then the result rolled is marked as the point, and the shooter continues to roll until the point has been rolled again or else a 7 has been rolled. Once this occurs, Pass Line based bets will have been resolved, and a new round of play begins. Although not applicable at casino online craps, a new shooter is usually only brought in if the previous one finished the round on a 7. Between every roll from the shooter, time is given for additional bets to be placed.

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Craps Wagering Systems

If you've ever googled online casinos craps, or some variation of those words, chances are you've been bombarded with ads for winning systems.  While it is entirely possible to manage your money or avoid sucker's bets, guaranteed casino online craps systems only exist in your dreams. You can always play it safe by adopting and optimal casino online craps strategy.  That involves betting on either pass or don't pass, which gives the house a modest 1.4% advantage.  Steer clear of big 6, big 8, snake eyes, big round, hardway, and field wagers.  At British casinos online, craps players concede a house edge of 9% to 16% edge.  That's worse than playing slots in the UK and hoping for the best.

Aside from playing optimally, you should always take advantage of craps free play games at casinos online. 2017 Craps players who are just starting out in the UK can get a feel for the rhythm and pace of the game.  When you do play for real money, always set a budget and stick to it.  A little bankroll management always goes a long way in the United Kingdom. Most importantly, relax and have fun.   

Start Playing Casino Online Craps

It's hard to find a casino game that holds a candle to craps.  When you visit online casinos, craps offers you unparalleled excitement and spectacular odds. The best part is you can finally experience total exhilaration at any hour from anywhere in the United Kingdom.  Not only have we found the best online casinos, craps players can experience all their favourite games from their smartphones and tablets too.  Visit our reviews and discover the top-rated online betting sites in the UK.  You can even claim huge online casino bonuses and start shooting for real money without reaching for your wallet at the top casinos online.  Craps is only a click or swipe away.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does online craps work?

Online craps casino play works the same as craps in person, only with virtual dice. You bet on how the numbers rolled on a pair of dice, except you’re responsible for rolling the dice every time when playing online, in person several players will typically roll as you bet.

Where can I find the best games?

The best craps games are at high rated UK casinos known for their real cash table games. These are the casinos that offer good bonuses and that are built on high quality casino software. They are the ones that you want to play craps at.

How is it different to live casino craps?

The only major difference is that it is just you by yourself and not a bunch of other players. Online craps casino gaming is quieter, and there is less pressure since you’re rolling for yourself. It’s also more controllable since you decide when each roll occurs.

Is it popular in the UK?

Craps is a very popular table game in casinos throughout the UK but it isn’t played as much over the internet. That could be because there isn’t as much excitement and noise involved.

How much can I win?

Bets in craps online can be several thousand pounds depending on the bet that you make. It’s possible to win thousands of pounds on a single play session, especially at casinos that allow higher limits.

Is online craps gambling fair?

Just like with online card games you play for real cash, online craps casino gaming relies on a random number generator to determine what numbers are rolled on the dice. This makes it completely fair, and gives all players an even chance of success while playing the games. That’s true as long as you play at a reputable casino that’s known for offering fair playing conditions to practice craps.

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