Tri Card Poker Fun

Tri card poker or three card poker is a very British casino table game that is a lot of fun and offers a couple of different betting opportunities.

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Tri card poker is actually two different games – ante & play, and Pairplus. You will have to make an ante & play bet to play Pairplus, but playing Pairplus is usually optional.

Ante & play is the main game. In it, you and the dealer get 3 cards each. You then get to choose whether to fold or raise. If you fold, that’s the end of the hand. If you raise, then you place a bet equal to the ante on the table (called the play bet) and your hand is now compared to the dealer hand.

If the dealer has a queen or better, then the game continues. Otherwise, the you receive even money on the ante, but the play bet is pushed. If it qualifies, your hand and the dealer hand are compared. If your hand is better, then you win even money on both bets.

If the you have a hand better that a straight, then you win an ante bonus depending on the strength of your hand.

Pairplus is a much easier game. It is a simple side bet that your three card hand will be a pair or better. If your hand is strong enough, you get paid regardless of if you choose to play in ante & play.

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