Online Pachinko Games

Pachinko is a fun Japanese gambling game that you can now play online! Don’t know anything about it? Then read on.

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There are three big pachinko games online – Dolphin Paradise in the Playtech software, then Potshot and Soccer Shot in the Bodog Casino software. While the Bodog games are good, they are not really classic pachinko. We will look at Dolphin Paradise instead, as it is more a simulation of a real pachinko machine.

The goal of Dolphin Paradise pachinko is to drop small balls into prize catcher. The balls are shot continuously out of a launcher and you can control the power that they are shot. Every time they fall into the launcher, you win more balls and a slot machine triggers in the middle of the machine. You can win money by launching balls into the catcher and by winning on the slots game.

We really like Dolphin Paradise as it is a much more active game than what you usually find in a casino. It also has an element of skill that we find appealing, as it takes practice to get the balls launching at the right power level. While we think it is a relaxing game, some players may find the constant launching of the balls a bit too frenetic.

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