Royal Wedding Betting

In further proof that you can bet on anything Paddy Power Sportsbook have a host of markets open on the royal wedding.

The favoured betting market is who will design the dress for the new Princess. Sarah Burton is quoted as 1.50 favourite, however if this were a horse race, the whole field would be first starters.

Punters can also bet on the length of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress train. Between 2 and 5 meters is favoured at 1.33, while an audacious 8 metre train will return odds of 10.00.

Those looking forward to seeing the Queen can wager on what colour hat she will be wearing on the big day. Yellow is a short 2.25, while black is the outsider at 34.00.

For those who will be forced to watch the wedding procession, there is a first cliché market that will have you hanging on every word from Richard Chartres’ wedding sermon.

The favoured way in this market is ‘Truly happy to be here’ which pays 4.00. However if you think the sermon may be a little more left field phrases such as ‘Church of England’, ‘Glorious Weather’ and ‘Diana’ are all paying well.

If you think Richard Chartres is a betting man ‘Paddy power’ is paying 1001.00 to be the first cliché of the royal wedding.

For those eagerly awaiting the moment Kate walks down the wedding aisle there is the option to bet on what colour the new princess’s dress will be. Ivory is the favoured way at 1.66, while black, yellow and green are the outsiders at 101.00.

Paddy Power Sportsbook has long been the market leader in novelty betting, and that continues to ring (pun intended) true for the royal wedding.

Paddy Power Sportsbook are also offering bets novelty bets on Barack Obama, the existence of aliens, Charlie Sheen and Facebook.

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