Tarzan Slot Save Jane Bonus GameThe Tarzan Slot, released by Party Casino, is a great online slot machine. It features excellent bonus features, including the fun Save Jane bonus game.

To trigger the bonus game you must first spin up 3 or more Tarzans anywhere on the reels. In the bonus game you play as Tarzan and you have to try and save Jane who has been kidnapped. You play through rounds where you must choose a path over obstacles for Tarzan to travel.

In the first round you have to successfully swing across vines without failing into the pit below that is full of snakes. You do this by selecting 3 out of 6 vines to use, but some of them are not the best vines and if selected Tarzan will fall and the bonus game is over. You win bonus money for each vine that Tarazan manages to grab.

In the second round you have to get across a river by stepping on crocodiles (that doesn’t sound very safe!), but some of the crocodiles can not support the weigh and Tarzan could fall in the murky depths of the river. Unfortunately I have not been able to get past round 2, as can be seen in the bonus game video below (that pesky second crocodile). For each crocodile that you successfully stand on you will receive a prize.

The bonus game has been well thought out and designed, the comic book style and graphics are used well. Each round has a different setting so it doesn’t feel repetitive. And even though I did not get past round 2 and save Jane, you still get a good idea of what the Tarzan Slot bonus game is like. If anyone has managed to save Jane let us know about the other rounds by leaving a comment below. Play the Tarzan Slot for yourself now and try the bonus game at Party Casino.

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